06.09.2020 All of our prices include a one color imprint AND our design services are FREE!
09.19.2017 We have 1000s of free stock logos and typestyles. We also accept napkin drawings and vague ideas. :-)
09.18.2017 All of our prices include a one color imprint and our design services are free.
08.29.2017 Don't Forget, Reorders are Easy and Set-Up/Screen Charges are waived!
04.03.2017 Unbelievable T-shirt Prices! White tees as low as $2.68. Colored tees as low as $3.26.

Your Perfect Gift Shop

Ensuring Your Brewery Gift Shop Success

To insure you have a perfectly balanced store, we have arranged our catalog and website categories in a very deliberate way. Based on over 20 years of experience we have statistically analyzed in what proportion our products sell. Furthermore, we are ready to share that data with you!

Our catalog and website categories are sorted in a very specific order which may be used not only to help you shop, but to guide you.  Starting with the very strongest category:  “apparel”, choose just one item and then move on to the next strongest category: “glassware”  Continue through each category all the way down if you can, and then loop back up again to “apparel” as many times as your budget allows.  If you do, you will find you have a perfectly balanced store!  Easy, right?!

Within our printed catalog, which is also available as a download on our home page, pay special attention to our symbols to help you choose with ease.  We have symbols for proven winners, craft beer cultural opportunites, and what is new this year.  Statistically solid guidance, right at your fingertips.  

What's more, we consult for free!  If you tell us a little bit about your organization and your needs, we can help identify your "most likely to succeed" items.  Our extensive experience and dedication to breweries in particular allows us to share stories of other breweries' successes and ideas, as well as thier similarities to your own experiences.  We pride ourselves in being very skilled in serving our customers!



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